Navy vets exposed to Agent Orange get new hope for benefits

Tens of thousands of Navy veterans are excluded from VA benefits related to Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam war. A bill making its way through Congress would extend benefits to cover blue.

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The Congressional Budget Office has predicted the new benefits could cost about $1.1 billion. costs and insufficient scientific evidence linking blue water navy veterans to Agent Orange exposure.

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Veterans Exposed to agent orange veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service may be eligible for a variety of VA benefits, including disability compensation for diseases associated with exposure.

These Veterans do not need to show that they were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides in order to get disability compensation for diseases related to Agent Orange exposure. Service in Vietnam means service on land in Vietnam or on the inland waterways ("brown water" Veterans) of Vietnam.

In 2018, the plot thickened for veterans who have fought to extend a legal presumption to veterans with Blue Water Navy Agent Orange exposure claims. The big news for those vietnam era blue water Navy Vet has been the movement on the presumption of Agent Orange exposure. Let’s bring you up to speed on the Blue Water Navy Agent Orange debacle.

WASHINGTON – Navy veterans who served offshore during the Vietnam War appear close to winning a final battle as Congress prepares to force the Department of Veterans Affairs to restore benefits to.

However, these scandals pale in comparison to the VA’s arbitrary decision in 2002, with a basis in fact, to refuse benefits to U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange.

VA has established a list of Navy and Coast Guard ships that it acknowledges have been exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The list serves as a resource for Regional Offices when determining whether a particular blue water navy veteran is eligible for the presumption of Agent Orange exposure and related benefits.

French and US Navy. Vietnam Veterans Act, which would ensure that all vets exposed to Agent Orange are compensated. The VA opposes the legislation, as it has several previous iterations dating back.

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